maxine2673 (maxine2673) wrote in badminton,

hello badminton maniacs!

Hi! I'm maxine from the philippines. I love badminton so much! My brother and I used to play it during our collage years. I was a varsity in our university. Bt during that time, it's not yet identified as it is right now. Before, they thought its just a game for girls and doesn't require too much energy and movements. But now, almost everybody's playing it. I am 33, married and with a son but still can play till my opponent drops out hehehe! I moved here in Riyadh, KSA but its not that racognized. Again i started missing the game. I only play everytime I go back to the Philippines for a 2 months vacation. Really I kick my butts off. I wish they could provide a site for courts so it could also be played here. Regards to all and MABUHAY (hurray!) to all the badminton addicts!
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